Three things you wish for -

1. That I get into Davidson. (Ignore how selfish this is; it’s a dream school for a reason, and getting in would be just … amazing. I can’t even think about it for long, it makes me antsy and terrified and very, very nervous.)

2. To lose some weight - I’m insecure, idk, maybe that’s obvious, but I think I could stand to lose a few pounds. Also grow a few inches. XD

3. That somehow, in some way, I’ll be able to do something to positively impact those who have so little in Guatemala. My mission trip really made an impression on me. (:

That was … so much harder than I thought it would be. .__. Thank youuuuu, Kyla! *loves on*<3

  1. everydayisashow said: You’re so cute. Dream schools are amazing! what do you want to study? Same on the second. Girl problems. Haha. You did a mission trip? That’s so awesome!
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